Eureka! ARTS, LLC

Art Lessons in Columbus, New Jersey

Eureka Arts offers art classes, drawing classes, sketching classes, and painting classes (including acrylic painting and watercolor painting) to both adults and children in Columbus, Mount Holly, Jacksonville, Georgetown, Chesterfield, and Crosswicks ares of east/central Virginia Beach.

Classes are customized and tailored to each individual who receives high-quality instruction
and training on developing and exploring style, technique, and application. Students range
from 8 years to 60+ years.

If you are a budding novice who wishes an introduction to the basics and rudiments of drawing
and painting, or an intermediate-advanced artist who wishes to nurture and cultivate your skills
and practice, contact Zina at Eureka Arts today

Meanwhile, take a tour with Zina of Eureka Arts studio as she discusses the studio
environment, work, classes, and students.